Global Emergency Assistance and Response

Get the ultimate protection with the GEAR travel assistance membership, specifically designed to assist you in crisis

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GEAR is a travel assistance membership designed to assist members in an emergency. Focusing on proactive risk management for global travellers.


GEAR X is a travel assistance membership, focusing on medical assistance for travellers on a global basis.

Membership Types

Individual and Family

Per Trip or Annual Membership.

Customised cover to suit your individual needs

Corporate Annual Membership

Protect your organisation for all of your employee's travels


Multiple cover limits.
Single trip pricing, up to 90-day duration.
Annual cover,with an unlimited number of trips.

How it Works

Need Assistance - Open the GEAR-Tech App and immediately contact the Global Response Centre

Our team of experts will advise, guide and - if required - send medical or security support to extract you from point of incident to safety.

Immediate activation, no claims forms, no additional costs.

GEAR Tech (a smartphone app) provides comprehensive support for travelling members, including:

Direct access to the SPS Global Response Centre (GRC), which is manned by medical and security professionals who provide immediate emergency assistance.

Access to detailed country-specific COVID-19 information and advice.

Live location-based alerts, including infrastructure and transport disruptions, natural disasters, civil and political unrest, terrorist threats, and health/ disease risks.

Messages from the GRC by email or SMS directly to your smartphone, which is particularly valuable during a crisis situation where fast and reliable communication is critical.

Access to country specific advice, including recommended vaccinations, security and medical information, cultural ‘dos and don’ts’, language, climate, visa and passport requirements, travel and transportation advice, currency converter, public holidays and festivals.

A library of medical conditions, which provides details of symptoms, recommended medications, possible side-effects and treatment.

All eventualities are covered

Natural and Man-Made Disasters
Violent Crime
Political Risk, Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion
Terrorism (or defines threat there of)
Missing Person
Detention and Extortion
Kidnap for Ransom
Medical Emergencies
Repatriation of Mortal Remains