We help people get the best medical care, when and where they need it

We are a global medical risk management company with offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa. We provide medical support solutions to our clients through our dedicated 24/7 in-house Global Medical Assistance and Response Centre. Our essential specialisation is point of incident medical response.

We Provide


Medical incident management and response

We provide full circle medical incident management across the globe - from first world metropolises to vast natural wilderness reserves and remote villages in Africa.

Our service starts pre–incident with planning and preparation and concludes at the point of final case resolution. Our edge lies in our point of incident medical response.

Our in-house practicing medical professionals have over 30 years’ worth of experience collectively and provide medical assistance to over 3 million policy holders and organisational employees.

We Manage Cases Differently

We approach medical incidents with a local perspective but guided by global standards

Each region in the world has its own unique geography and logistical, administrative and legislative environment. Failing to understand its peculiarities results in lives being lost, and time and money being wasted. The available healthcare facilities and providers differ from region to region, each with unique areas of specialisation (while some have none at all and should be avoided altogether!) We have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the standard of healthcare and medical services available across the globe. We have also learned that no two medical incidents are ever the same, and each deserves its own customised approach.

Ours is a human business

Our every action is taken with care, consideration, collaboration and respect. While important, policies and procedures cannot dictate how medical tasks and treatment objectives are considered. Our expert and specialised teams collaborate to leverage their knowledge and expertise. This enables them to make quick and informed logical and purposeful region-specific decisions, always with the best interests of the patient as the driving concern.

We are always reassuringly there

Our team personally connects with patients, their next of kin and other relevant contacts, giving them DIRECT access to our medical team 24/7. We make sure that every aspect of a task - from medical interventions required to administrative necessities - are explained clearly, keeping every stakeholder informed throughout the development of the case.