Private Client Group

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No two security threats are the same. Although they may follow similar patterns, it takes a slight shift of circumstance to alter the course of events and the final outcome. Off-the-shelf solutions are simply not an option for us. We approach each project with a sharp and fresh eye, and with an unwavering focus to design tailormade solutions around individual requirements.

Protection for Individuals and Families

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Close Protection

Our Close Protection Officers (CPOs) physically protect the client and their reputation, highlight areas where they may be vulnerable, and mitigate their threat and risk profile. Our CPOs have extensive training and experience when it comes to protecting individuals around the world.

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Due Diligence

We conduct full-scale background investigations of staff, partners, corporate entities and others to ensure that our clients place their trust and confidence in the right people and companies.

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Security Training

We provide comprehensive security awareness training for our private clients and their staff. This includes instruction in identifying and avoiding potential threats, individual protective measures, and defensive driving.

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Our surveillance services comprise technical and physical capability for both people and assets, as well as the more specialised fields of protective and counter surveillance.

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Event Security

We understand the nature of high-profile events, from a milestone family celebration to a multinational AGM. Large-scale events come with unique processes and risks, which are often outside of the capability and experience of more mainstream security teams.


Airport Transfers

Our security airport transfers alleviate the stress of navigating a new country. Our clients are met at arrivals by a professional security driver, before being driven to their hotel in comfort.

Daily Driver Service

Road traffic accidents are one of the biggest risks when travelling in a foreign country. We mitigate that risk through our highly experienced local security drivers during a trip abroad.

Residence and Workplace

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Our full range of consultancy services include security survey reports for clients’ houses, offices, schools, estates, yachts and visited hotels. These vary from quick reports which identify key weaknesses, to detailed reports which provide an in-depth examination of the full range of risk, with specific recommendations that can be implemented over a period of time.

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Security Design and Technical Installation

We are able to develop the ‘security concept’ for a major house or estate, including the identification of specific areas of threat and vulnerability, overlapping technical systems, and client and staff access control. We can also assist the nominated installers to develop an agreed specification and oversee the commissioning process of the security system by running technical and physical penetration tests.

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Residential Security

Our Residential Security Teams vary from a single estate manager to teams of armed personnel with dogs, supported by quick reaction teams with proficient medical support.

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Our remote monitoring provides an in-depth level of discreet security around a client, their family and their assets. Options include remote CCTV monitoring, key holding, timed windows for alarm setting/de-activation, and remote investigation of systems that have been triggered.