Private Charter

Avoid queues and unnecessary delays by making use of our private aircraft charter service, which is available for both business and leisure purposes. We are able to support you anywhere in the world as we have direct access to an independent aircraft fleet, as well as an extensive global network of charter aircraft. We also promise the best possible pricing.

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Aircraft Fleet

Global 5000

Make: Bombardier
Range: 4,800Nm
Speed: 900kmh
Flying Time: 10 hours
Crew: 2+1

Challenger 604

Make: Bombardier
Range: 3,800Nm
Speed: 870kmh
Flying Time: 8 hours
Crew: 2+1

Citation Sovereign

Make: Cessna
Range: 3,200Nm
Speed: 850kmh
Flying Time: 6 hours
Crew: 2+1

CItation II

Make: Cessna
Range: 2,250Nm
Speed: 600kmh
Flying Time: 3.30 hours
Crew: 2

Citation XLS

Make: Cessna
Range: 1,786Nm
Speed: 802kmh
Flying Time: 4.30 hours
Crew: 2

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Cargo Charter

Our cargo charter operations facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the places (and people) needing it most. Relief operations often present logistical challenges, but our clients are guaranteed a professional and timely service earned on the back of our experience and our global connections.

Group Charter (16+ pax)

We have extensive experience in transporting hundreds of passengers on emergency charters in the aftermath of political unrest, pandemics and natural disasters.

Our specialisation lies in:
- Evacuations and repatriations
- Search & rescue teams
- Medical transportation