We represent a number of insurance brands, and are the primary point of contact for millions of their policy holders. We deliver a personal, prompt and efficient response to unforeseen and critical incidents. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction as the currency of this industry and ensure that our objectives are always closely aligned to your specific product, and your commercial goals. We are also acutely aware of the need for cost containment to protect your funds and have implemented effective cost avoidance and containment strategies.

Political Violence and Terrorism Policies (PVT)

We have vast experience in supporting policies that protect assets exposed to war, terrorism and political violence. Our risk consultants are always on hand to provide reassuring support to policy holders who are navigating dynamic, complex and ever-changing global threats.

Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion (KRE)

For over 30 years we have advised corporate clients and high-net-worth individuals across the globe on complex crisis management scenarios (including kidnap for ransom, piracy and extortion). We provide a discreet, confidential and professional service to you and your policyholders, built around trusted first-hand experience. Our dedicated KRE response team is also available to provide training on an ad hoc or more permanent basis.

Medical and Security Evacuation

Our Assistance and Response Centre is available 24/7, and is manned by an in-house team of security and practicing medical professionals who coordinate responses to situations as they arise. We are big enough to provide a global service but small enough to operate in an agile way, being rapidly responsive to any situation.

Cost Control, Avoidance and Containment

Due to our case volumes and our extensive global cost containment network, clients benefit directly from negotiated discounts and the associated savings. We also have a proprietary Claims Management System, specifically developed to facilitate clear communication and audit control.

Product Development

We have a successful track record of working with insurance businesses to develop new products, and to support new markets.

Recent Cases

Deadly Snake Bite
Hurricane Durian

The Incident
A category 5 hurricane swept through the Bahamas and British Virgin Islands. Numerous policy holders in the region were left without shelter and vital supplies.

Actions Taken
SPS deployed from the United Kingdom and established a base of operations in St Kitts. 20 different search and rescue missions were launched via air and sea.

The Outcome
All policy holders were located, and evacuations were arranged for those in need. Those who remained were provided with emergency supplies.

The Incident
A ranger in a remote game reserve in Botswana was bitten by a Mozambiquan spitting cobra in his home. The venom of this snake is potentially lethal if not attended to quickly.

Actions Taken
SPS Medical provided immediate tele-medical advice for on-site first aid treatment, and organised a medical evacuation to an appropriate medical facility with the required antivenom treatment. Due to the distance involved and the severity of the incident, an air ambulance was mobilised. At the same time, all administration was taken care of (including the guarantee of payment) for the hospital admission.

The Outcome
The patient arrived safely at the hospital and was quickly treated. He made a full recovery and reported back for duty shortly thereafter.

State of Emergency
Medical Escort
Solomon Islands

The Incident
A coalition of military forces from Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana invaded Gambia to compel the outgoing president to relinquish power.

Actions Taken
SPS responded to an urgent appeal initiated by a travel insurance company, and established direct contact with over 40 different holiday makers to provide advice. Tourists were then collected from their abandoned hotels and relocated to an SPS-protected safehouse during the open conflict. When the airport re-opened, SPS worked with the insurance company to move the tourists out of the country.

The Outcome
All tourists were safeguarded during the period when the international border was closed, and were then repatriated successfully.

The Incident
A Canadian mining company’s plan to shut down operations led to a violent worker strike, prohibiting the company from retrieving its assets.

Actions Taken
The client was advised remotely, followed by the deployment of a local expert consultant. De-escalation of the strike was negotiated, and SPS advised the client on security threats, future escalation triggers and community stabilisation tools to best engage with local authorities and the wider community.

The Outcome
The company was able to close the mine and retrieve key assets, while maintaining the integrity of its in-country relationships.

The Incident
An independent traveller appeared to be having a nervous breakdown, and had become acutely paranoid

Actions Taken
An on-site doctor’s consultation was arranged to assess the patient. It was agreed that a fit-to-fly certificate would be issued on the proviso that a suitably qualified escort could accompany the patient home, escalating care if required en-route.

SPS Medical mobilised a medical escort from Australia, who boarded the next available flight to the Solomon Islands and accompanied the traveller on the journey home. They were met as they disembarked the aircraft for their transfer to the Mental Health A&E department

The Outcome
The traveller was safely transported home to an attendant medical facility for immediate care.

Medical Services

Seeking direct medical care for a minor ailment is often unnecessary, leading to needless cost. Our tele-medical service ensures that policyholders are always a mere phone call away from a doctor who is available to listen and advise on the most likely cause of symptoms before providing clear and simple guidance. If a condition cannot be managed by a tele-medical consultation, our team will refer the policyholder to the nearest suitable medical facility for more specialised treatment.

Our Assistance and Response Centre is available 24/7, and is manned by an in-house team of practicing medical professionals who coordinate medical responses to situations as they arise. We are uniquely specialised in point of incident medical response, rather than only assisting once the patient is already admitted to a medical facility. This serves to reduce stress, and ensures policyholders get to the right facilities in the shortest time frame.

Our medical response capabilities include best-in-class medical facilities, as well as ground and air ambulance resources across the globe (we maintain a network of over 100 permanently configured fixed and rotor wing air ambulance service providers). We are supported by a vast network of over 65,000 primary and secondary healthcare providers in every country of the world.

Security and Crisis
Management Services

We facilitate effective security response in the form of journey management, close protection, safe-houses and evacuations across the globe. Our Global Response Centre is experienced in managing multiple major global incidents simultaneously. We are big enough to provide a global service but small enough to operate in an agile way, being rapidly responsive to any situation.