We are a global risk management company with offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Europe. We provide strategic and operational support solutions to corporate companies and insurance providers. We have a dedicated 24/7 Global Assistance and Response Centre, with proprietary technological support systems and the capacity to handle worldwide crisis response and evacuation.

We invest time to get to know you and your business - not just what you do or where you operate, but your culture and your processes too. It’s this commitment to understanding our clients’ individual needs for over 30 years that has enabled us to successfully provide strategic and operational support solutions, consistently reassuring our customers in over 130 countries.

Global Response Center

Our 24/7 Global Assistance and Response Centre is the cornerstone of our division. Located in Hereford, United Kingdom, it is manned by a dedicated team of specialised and experienced response experts. They are committed to supporting field teams and to guiding our clients through any incident they face. Their sole purpose is to protect what matters most - your people, your assets and your reputation.

Our secondary support Response Centre is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Over the last 30 years we have invested in providing professional, timely and efficient tailored and exclusive solutions to our clients. All cases are supported by cutting edge proprietary technological systems for case management and intelligence.

Recent Cases

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