We protect what matters most - people, assets and reputations. Our protective intelligence and security services have been strategically developed over decades based on our first-hand experience, which best qualifies us to safeguard your organisation and your employees. Our approach allows for a balanced measure of risks, and we work closely with you to identify, assess and mitigate those that are potentially harmful to your business.

Complete Protection

Journey Management

Road traffic accidents are a fairly frequent occurrence when travelling in a foreign country. We can mitigate that risk through our highly experienced local security drivers who facilitate secure airport transfers and a daily personal driver service, which promise to alleviate the stress of navigating unchartered roads.


Our low-profile protection officers provide more than just a physical presence. They integrate protective intelligence methods to identify and mitigate potential threats before they become an immediate concern. Armed services are available in countries where it is legally permitted.


Our protective surveillance teams are deployed around the world, and provide assistance through gathering evidence, as well as forming protective safety bubbles to prevent harm to clients. We also have a range of counter surveillance measures, including covert surveillance and technical surveillance countermeasures, to support your organisation.


Be it at your office or an employee’s residence, our rapid response guarding teams are ready to deploy to provide a physical protective presence. We also provide remote monitoring and key holding services.

Threat Assessments

How secure is your organisation? Our team of industry professionals can conduct an evaluation and gap analysis, as well as to expertly guide you on recommended improvements.

Our personnel adopt a low-profile and are fully trained and experienced in delivering service excellence so that you may go about your business, reassured in the knowledge that we are there to keep you safe.